♠♣♥♦ okay folks, spring is finally here, so it’s about time we start talking about summer!

so here’s the plan:

28th of july: the absolute end of our john quixote journey through europe in MALMÖ

the month of august we’ll be inhabiting FREIBURG. make sure to drop by if you’re around


2nd of September, 20.00

A showing of the work we’ve done in a satellite studio of the Freiburg Stadttheater: “Finkenschlag”.


5th of September, 20.30

Our first full concert of this season, in Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam, as a part of the conference BER-AMS-BXL.


26th of September, 19.00

We perform in C/U festival in Warsaw.


5th of October, 22.00

After a week of residency in Buda, we play in their festival, Buda Vista in Kortrijk, Belgium.


11th and 12th of October, 20.00 and 21.30

We come back to Freiburg Stadttheater as John The Houseband – Rambling Roots, and show our work to the people of Freiburg in the seasons’ opening.


and then we’re off for ESSEN (PACT)

so far so good. that’s all we know. and now you know too. we know it might be difficult, but it would be really great if you could clear your agenda for one of these dates and come and see us! auf wiedersehen!

2013 John with band name as a logo